Glad you found here with our small promo gift!

(if not, this may sound a bit odd - we keep delivering

small polymorph bags to tell about the marvels of it and ourselves)


Anyway, the gift you've been given is polymorph granulate.

Reusable, nylon-strength, hand formable plastic that melts

in 60°C. Plastic may be a curse word, but only if it is for waste. This is reusable until the end.


It is very simple to use: 


1. Boil some water

2. Pour it on top of granulates into a heat resistant vessel 

3. Wait until granulates turn transparent (happens quick)

4. Pick it with a stick or something which is not bare hand

5. Knead with fingers or whatever needed for the purpose


Polymorph is not toxic, so it can be given into the hands of children as well. As long as you don't leave them alone with hot water or other

heating methods, like heat blower or gaslighter, that can also be 

used for melting polymorph parts. Those may come out handy if

you need to attach something into polymorph parts.


Polymorph is also reusable, as mentioned. Melt and reform as

again as you wish. A good hint is to leave melted reserve 

polymorph in flat or other thin form, so it is faster to remelt.

boil              melt          knead