FIX. It's a good idea to keep some polymorph around when you travel somewhere where you haven't got a full garage of this and that along. The ring may be a bit robust for everyday use, but why not for a hiking trip?

And a polymorph keyring for sure gets you out of trouble one day. Like me once out of Lapland where a bottom panel of the car dropped.

Takti.fi with its contact information is likewise worth remembering. We'll get you out of your design or service problem, whether it is about design/ UX/CX management, single solutions

or details

CREATE. With polymorph you can prototype many of your ideas in practice. Don't worry about the looks in the early phase. It's a great advantage

that as the material is so fast, strong and

uniform, you can bring it into real test

scenes in a minute.

Similar agility in product development

                     comes with us. We don't want

                                to waste time in speculations

                           or thoughts only on mind, it's better to build                            prototypes quick and give them a try. A real try.

FIX. You can create strong mechanical parts out of polymorph, which are easy to maneuvre on place. 

I have fixed a broken gas lid in a car (there are

serious mechanics under the decorative surface part). Made springs for car light covers under the hood, fixed broken adjustment knobs etc. Just don't use where temperature may rise

over 60°C.

Dont let your business get broken. Knowing the average age of tech companies is starting to be around 15 years, it is prone to get broken. React in time and don't hesitate to contact us, if you suspect something may need fine tuning or total change in design or service related questions.

Testing in real use gives you the opportunity to make improvements on the run, that again can be tested in real. Do not trust in anyone who wants to bring results to the final without really understanding muchos anything about it. At Takti we will.

CREATE. Sometimes you manage to make a fully functional product out of polymorph, practically without any tools. Like this burbot fishing lure. Note the attached metal parts, a product made way better within minutes.

CREATE. Interface parts you will have hard to find. The curtains in the pic might still be unassembled due to lack of those special hangers, unless there was polymorph. Don't leave undone or wait until you can find exactly the right tool for an object of need. It may take ages while you could proceed. Holders, handles, whatever, c'mon! 

Just don't leave necessities undone. It kills companies, even the mightiest of them We can start light and evaluate what should be done and how cost effective it could be.

CREATE. Some will want to create something out of the material just for fun. It's allright, especially

for kids. Here's where polymorph has its biggest

restrictions, the finish is poor.

For real, final objects finish tends to be of great importance. Sometimes a product is mainly about its finish. Do not leave your product or service unfinished, whether it's about consumer experience, usability or surface. If you don't know how, please turn to us.